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T-series: Spotting


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Landeer-coloured dogs often have spotting, which means black spots within the white. Spotting is a dominant trait (TT), which means that spsp TT and spsp Tt-genes will
produce spotting, and only spsp tt dogs are clear coloured. To make things even more complicated, black and brown dogs have the T-gene, but it can only be seen with landseer-coloured dogs. The appearance of the T-gene has been studied in England, and it has been found that most of the english Newfoundlands are TT-dogs.

The breed standard allows spotting to some degree, but “clear white or white with minimal spotting" is preferred. The puppies' coat is often clear white, but as the puppy grows, spots may appear. If the skin is black, it indicates that spots will appear.

For the continental landseers, work has been done to reduce the amount of spotting.

In the picture Landseer: FIN CH
FIN MVA Dino vom Keltenhügel "Helmut"


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