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S- category: Landseer colour

originally written by: Marika Mäntylä
translated: Bettina Salmelin

black & white brown
grey & beige black & tan
grey & white brown & white
spotting colours

The most difficult is the black and white colour. The letter S comes from "Spotting", although the words "white" and "landseer" might feel more accurate in describing the colouring.

In basics, it's is very alike to the hereditary of the brown colour.

SS= black dog which does not carry the landseer-gene (though the dog may have white  on the tip of the tail, paws, chest..)

Ssp= black dog with the landseer gene.

spsp= landseer coloured newf.

Boundless Lucy


If you cross two landseer newf together, the whole litter will be landseer coloured.

x sp sp
sp spsp spsp
sp spsp spsp


If you were to cross a black (SS) with a landseer, the whole litter would appear black, but they all would carry the landseer gene.

x sp sp
S Ssp Ssp
S Ssp Ssp


If you were to cross two black newfs that carry the landseer gene, at least in theory 75% of them would be black and the rest, 25%, landseer coloured newfs,

x S sp
S SS Ssp
sp Ssp spsp

Newfs that are either BBspsp or Bbspsp carry the landseer gene. bbspsp is a brown&white newf (born 1 per year in the world) BBddspsp is a gray&white newfoundland (in finland only 3 landseer ECT's born in total).

Irish spot- Happy Adventure Maggie



The amount and situation of the white's on a newfie vary a lot. An sisp dog will have a lot of"irish spots". The same combinations that produce sisp dogs, produce also spsp-dogs. swsw dogs have too much white.  The genotype of the dog cannot be predicted only by watching the dog, the different genes that produce the white are almost impossible to define, since the dog may carry many different types and they may mix.


The breeding of ideal coloured newfoundlands is rarely possible.

swsw + R gene produce white boxers, and with boxers, blue eyedness and deafness are related to the colours. Although, the risk is only 8% higher than in other colours.
No newfoundlands have encountered these before mentioned problems, nor have any newfoundlands up to now had the whole R gene.

black&white Amanda


(c) Salmelin