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A-category: Black & Tan

originally written by: Marika Mäntylä
translated: Bettina Salmelin

black & white brown
grey & beige black & tan
grey & white brown & white
spotting colours

AA=black dog, which does not carry the black&tan gene

Aat= black dog that carries the black&tan colour

atat= black&tan dog

The black&tan colour is very common in the wild, but it is rarely seen in domestic dogs. There are only a few newfoundlands that carry the at-gene. This colour has never been recognised in any country.

The brown colour is on the head and feet, like on the tibetian mastiffs, which, until a pointsupprt the theory that they are the ancestors of newfoundlands. The black & tan colour is found in e.g. finnish lapphound, so theory cannot be only based on the colours.


(c) Salmelin