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Our Dogs in the News

(has not been updated since 2009) 


New Newfoundland and waterwork book:
 (in finnish)
written by Marika Mäntylä and Bettina Salmelin

Advertisement in the Finnish NF-Club's magazine 04/09 and the index

Our three Newfs appared in the Finnish Newfoundland Club's 2009 calendar. They were March girls with the picture taken in Visby, Sweden.

We contributed to Katja Piiroinen's book "Aloittavan koirankasvattajan opas" (The beginner's guide to breeding). In the book, there is also a picture of Capri pulling a cart. It is a good book for anyone thinking of possibly starting to breed, as it contains numerous experiences, both good and bad of other experienced breeders.


For socialization purpose and show-ring practice, we decided to take part in the Valkeala's match show in the summer of 2009. The reporters once again managed to find Virva-Riitta and wanted a small interview for the local paper.


Summer 2008 Vera took part in a Match Show in Valkeala (Finland), where she -amazingly- won her class and the beacame Best In Show 2. The local magazine published a short article about it.

The article also appeared in electronic version, with an additional shot of Vera.

Capri and Vera were the March-girls of the Finnish Newfoundlandclub's calendar 2008:

Kennel Watercubs in a 2007 dogschool calendar:


In 2006 Capri and Vera were asked to appear in the Belgian WOEF-magazine.




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