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Contact information

Bettina Salmelin, Annina & Virva-Riitta Salmelin
Avenue de l'Escrime 97
1150 Brussels, Belgium

tel: +32 2 771 67 72
fax: +32 2 771 53 36

Kivisilmantie 428           Rue de la Fontaine 83
46230 Aro, Finland        11400 Laurabuc, France

Puppy enquiries and first contacts are preferred by email, due to busy family life.
If you have not received an answer in a few days, please contact us again.

Telephone enquiries are preferred between the hours of 17-20.

For puppy owners the phone lines are always open!

We understand and speak English, Finnish and French. Swedish and German can also be understood, but only in a written form.



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