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Training a Newfoundland for Water Rescue - book

2nd Edition (published May 2013) - AVAILABLE
Book published in FULL colour, 395 pages of information.
50 copies numbered.

100 Ways to Train for Rescue - booklet
1st Edition (published September 2014) - AVAILABLE
Booklet in b/w, contains 100 different tasks with 163+ illustrations of different ways to complete exercises. 

Grooming a Newfoundland - booklet
1st Edition (published December 2012) - AVAILABLE
Booklet in b&w, 51 pages of information with example photos.
50 copies numbered.



How to order the books:

Email the following information to bettinasalmelin@hotmail.com


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Preferred method of payment (select one): Paypal, Bank transfer

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Training a Newfoundland for Water Rescue:

40€ / USD$50 / £35 for 1 book + postage

70€ / USD$90 / £55 for 2 books + postage 

Postage of Training a Newfoundland for water rescue books:

UK: £5 (1 to 2 books)

Mainland Europe: 10€ (1 book), 17€ (up to and including 3 books)

USA and Canada: USD$20 (1 book), USD$30 (up to and including 3 books)

New Zealand and Australia: 15€ (1 book), 25€ (up to and including 3 books)

100 Ways to Train for Rescue: 
25€ / USD$35 / £20 for 1st book (includes postage)

15€ / USD$20 / £10 for 2nd+ books for dogs of the same family (includes postage)

Grooming booklet: [currently unavailable, sold out]

10€ / USD$13 / £8 for 1 booklet + postage

over 5 booklets price per booklet: 5€/ USD$7 / £4

Postage of Grooming booklets:

Booklet postage (each): 5€/ USD$7 / £4

for multiple copies or other countries, please enquire for postage.


Paypal: bsalmelin@gmail.com

Bank transfer: ask for account details

About the authors:

Bettina and Annina Salmelin started with Newfoundlands in 2003 by importing a Newfoundland bitch puppy from Finland to Belgium. They started showing at conformation, obedience and water rescue later that same year, and to date have successfully shown and competed in conformation, water rescue, obedience, rally obedience and draft work in 14 countries all around Europe. Bettina and Annina have organized grooming days and international water rescue camps in Finland and the United States (Oregon and Michigan). In addition, Bettina has trained and lectured at water rescue camps in Finland, Estonia and New Zealand. Bettina and Annina have judged at obedience tests in the United Kingdom and are qualified UK Kennel Club obedience judges, and an APDT (Association for Pet Dog Trainers) rally obedience judges since 2011. Bettina has also qualified to be a Good Canine Citizen Bronze level judge.

Bettina and Annina started breeding Newfoundlands especially for their working qualities in 2005 under the prefix Kivisilmän (
www.watercubs.com). Working extensively and intensively with their own dogs, they have produced dogs that are being trained as official K-9 lifeguards, service - and therapy dogs. Some of their dogs are being shown successfully at conformation and others live with other breeders. Their dogs are sourced for their working qualities and have been exported to many countries such as USA, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and Italy.

Bettina’s special interest for water rescue has allowed her to performed a stimulated helicopter water rescue exercise with two of her own-bred dogs with the Italian Water Rescue Dog School (SICS) in 2010, complete the Belgian Lifesaving Federation certification for an official K-9 lifeguard team with two of her Newfoundlands in 2011 and become an International Lifesaving Federation K9 Water Rescue Team instructor in 2012. Bettina is currently working her Newfoundlands in the United Kingdom whilst pursuing a university degree in veterinary studies. Annina has completed a Biology Masters degree in the UK and is studying towards her Veterinary Physiotherapy degree. She is actively working with her Newfoundland and Pug.

Their dogs have received a lot of media attention all around the world. They have been filmed for TV series and news casts, along with features in several newspaper articles and dog magazines. Bettina’s research articles have been published in several dog magazines and books since 2006. In 2009 she co-wrote a Newfoundland breed book in Finnish with M. Mantyla. "Training a Newfoundland for Water Rescue" - book was compiled by Annina and Bettina Salmelin to fullfill the evergrowing demand for a thorough training guide for water rescue dogs.

Table of contents for “Training a Newfoundland for Water Rescue”


Table of contents - Grooming a Newfoundland - booklet

Greyscale, 51 pages

100 Ways to Train for Rescue - Watercubs Taskmaster booklet

Gone to waterwork trainings and not had a plan of what to do? Just stood on the beach trying to figure out something new to try out?
"100 Ways to Train Rescue" booklet contains 100 different tasks with a total of 163 picture illustrations of some of the variations you can practice with your dog.




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