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23.12.2009 The puppies weigh close to three kilos now. They have been dewormed, microchipped and have had a thorough preliminary health check (eyes, ears, testicles, bellybutton and heart) by the veterinarian. Everything looks and sounds good :-). Their Kennel Club registration papers were also mailed out today.
We are doing the gene-test for the brown colour in the black puppies. We will get the results in the next few weeks. The puppyblog has been updated with a lot of pictures and of course information.

Akseli and Oslo -boys are still looking for permanent homes. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the boys :-).

Akseli 22 days old, and Oslo 22 days old.


16.12.2009 The English pages have been Finally updated! We had a big problem with the previous pages and this massive undertaking of renewing everything really had to be done because we had no real way of organizing all the articles and Newfie information. Everything seemed very chaotic to us. Hope you enjoy the new pages!

The puppies are doing fantastic. Some are already over 1,9kg so very very soon they will be 2 kilos, probably tomorrow. They will be microchipped on Wednesday (in a week), so that we can send the registration papers to the Finnish Kennel Club and make the puppies' names official.
The puppyblog has finally been translated fully and is ready to be read. It is a full description of what we have done with the puppies and why. Once the Kivisilmän N-litter leaves, we will organize the information in the puppyblog into short articles designed to help anyone about to breed for the first time.

Ruuti and Data are now completely used to the puppies and enjoy visiting their play area. But I think they have an ulterior motive: the puppies have many great toys and the Duo has been eyeying them for quite some time now. They finally stole one today. It was a very hush-hush operation. Data distracted me by waking up all the puppies (resulting in lots of walking, squeking, growling, barking, pushing and tugging by the puppies) while Ruuti sneaked in and stole the Snowman toy. While I was helping Vera with the puppies, I saw the Duo running outside and playing with the Christmas toy :-).

The Operation "Steal-Snowman" culprits, Data and Ruuti

The puppies teeth are already sharp and when they suck your finger, you can feel the teeth like small pin pricks on your skin. They will start getting additional food this week-end. Vera will be happy as sometimes she seems a bit annoyed at having to wake up in the middle of her naps to go and feed :-). We also took the new weekly pictures with our resident friendly cow, this time with a Christmas theme :-).

Oslo at 10 days                                                                                            ...and 18 days old                         


14.12.2009 The puppies weigh almost two kilos each now. We moved them upstairs, as we wanted to wash our dogs for the puppymeet last weekend. Our other dogs have now met the puppies and the reactions vary. Ruuti is very observant and careful, following every move and noise the puppies make from safely behind the fence (her decision :P). Capri was in her "mom-mode" and licked the puppies clean and was all ready to start nursing, so surely and with ease she settled down in teh nursing area. Too bad, there was no milk :-). Data the pug was completely shocked and couldn't understand what was going on. Whenever the puppies started to make any noise or when they started moving a lot, she would start her warning-bark letting us know thar 'there is something odd moving in the livingroom!'. Now she is more used to them, occasionally lets out the warning if she think sthey are too rambunctious, but mainly she is now interested in playing with them.

Ruuti sniffing the puppies for the first time                                                Markus and Data, the "puppy-watchers" on duty      

We met Al (K. Multimedia) and Baron (K.Muskettisoturi) at the Brussels winner show this Saturday. They were very beautiful and very promising juniors. We cannot wait for them to 'grow up' :-).

       Kivisilmän Muskettisoturi "Baron"                                                                                      Kivisilmän Multimedia "Al"                                        

On Sunday we went on a puppy-walk to the Arboretum forest with all the Kivisilmän M-puppies, dad El and mom Capri. Thankfully the weather was perfect, albeit a bit cold. The dogs clearly enjoyed the running and playing. We placed the dogs in the same position as last time, so we got a nice comparison family portrait. The rest of the pictures will be added to the photo gallery as soon as we have some extra time.

This is where we started (Puppies 11 weeks):

El-dad, Baron, Ruuti, Al, Capri-mom

This is where we are now (Puppies 12,5 months):

El-dad, Baron, Ruuti, Al, Capri-mom


08.12.2009 The puppies are doing great, they are steadily growing and have doubled their weights. Everyone is walking surprisingly well (taking into account that they can't see!). So far no serious headbumps ;-). Some of the puppies have already opened their eyes a little. The puppyblog is currently still being translated, sorry for that! It's almost.. around.. 10 pages long :-) ! It should be ready in a few days if we have time to finish it. We have added some new pictures in the picture gallery. Some of them are with a friendly cow, so that it's easier to follow and compare how the puppies change from week to week.

Kasper sleeping with a full tummy at 10 days old
Some of the black males are still available. Please ask for more by email.
Vera is doing great also, she still sometimes visits her den outside, but then happily joins the puppies in the puppyroom. Vera has started to spend more time upstairs with the other dogs too. Over the weekend we will move the puppies upstairs into the livingroom.
Over the weekend, we will also meet all the puppies from the M-litter and the father El :-). Some of them Saturday at the Brussels dogshow, the others on a walk in the forest on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be on our side and we'll get nice pictures of everyone!


03.12.2009 On thursday Vera whelped an amazing 8 (+1) puppies! Now it really does make sense why she was an enourmous whale for the few last weeks of her pregnancy. The ultrasound was so exact (despite the numbers being a bit off), that the estimated date of birth was right. The opening phase took around 24 hours, but the actual delivery was very quick and easy: only 5 hours, puppies being born at 30 minute intervals.

Now we have taken “passportphotos” of everyone and the official names have just about been created (we had to think of a few extra names as the ultrasound only showed plus minus 5 puppies!). The names will all be in finnish, theme being cars and the letter N.

Black male puppies still available. If you are interested, contact us by email or phone. Skype is also in use, with the address bettina.salmelin .

Nostokurki [=a crane] (black male) "Oslo"            Nopeusrajoitus [=speed limit] (black male) "Kasper"

Nollatoleranssi [=zero tolerance] (brown female) "Pipari"                      Nokkakolari [=head on collision] (brown female) "Mona"

Nestekaasu [=liquid gas i.e. LPG] (black female) "Cooper"                  Neliveto [=four wheel drive] (brown female) "Navy"        

Navigaattori [=navigator] (black female) "Scout"                Nastarenkaat [=studded tires] (black male) "Akseli"

The puppies were born around 4-500 grams. Now they are 7-800gram “giants” already. So if they continue gaining around 1kg per week, by the end of next year they will be around the size of fullgrown adults. It is just amazing how fast they grow. We can already clearly feel the difference in both their weight and size in our hands.

The puppies eat A LOT. Up until Sunday they ate every 30 minutes (so just about when the last one was coming off, the first one had to start again...), but nowadays it's “only” every two hours that they need to be fed. Vera is doing very well with the puppies. She is calm when they suck her, and she's getting the hang of licking them too. Still no poo (that she leaves to us!), but she does always stimulate it very well after the puppies are finished eating.

Vera is producing a lot of milk, even to the extent that we've already had a few puppies overeating! With the timings in between the feeding almost two hours, Vera does get more sleep in the cooler corridor and gets to properly “recharge her batteries” before coming to the puppies and being a good mum. Our job is to make sure that the feedings go well (everyone eats well and poops), and that Vera always has the opportunity to go see the puppies whenever she wants to.

A few days ago we got an excellent ides: take some photos with the same teddybear every week. We'll put the pictures on the puppyphotosite later. The name "Neste" has also been changed to "Cooper".

We have started the Battaglia-handling with the puppies. In the picture Akseli. Could a puppy be any more relaxed??

We've also by now moved the puppies from the smaller baskets to one bigger “play” area. The puppies are already pushing themselves on two to four feet and moving forward, though with wobbly feet! I just hope they open their eyes before they start running ;-)!


We started a “puppyblog” which we'll eventually divide into smaller sections (feeding a pregnant bith, whelping, puppy activities etc). But for now you can read in more detail of the puppies and when how they develop from the “blog”, I'll still put the biggest changes in this news section too (the puppyblog will be published over the weekend). And the picturesite is still always THE site if you want to see puppypictures ;-).


26.11.2009 Vera's litter was born today as a result from a very quick and easy delivery. The result was an amazing 8 puppies: 3 black males, 2 black females and 3 brown females. We are looking for a co-ownership family for a very promising brown girl (Navy), and active show-homes to a black male (Akseli) and a black female (Neste). Other puppies are also available.

In the picture Kasper, Navy, Akseli, Scout, Pipari, Mona, Neste, Oslo  with their mum Vera at the age of 1 day.

Puppypictures: http://watercubs.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Kivisilman%20N/

23.11.2009 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARON AL AND RUUTI! (Kivisilman M-litter 1 year old!)

22.11.2009 The puppies are kicking a lot! They do not stop moving around for a second. Poor Vera :-). Now, my days are spent sitting next to her, my hand on her tummy and just smiling. Only a few days to go..

21.11.2009 It is almost time! Vera is huuuge as you can see from the picture. Currently there are numerous large holes in our back garden, dug by the soon-to-be-mother. She is clearly trying to find the best possible location for her 'nest'. We have started filling them in, as some of them are not completely safe. The one next to our bike shed had gotten so big that a corner of the shed was not supported by anything but air, and the whole shed was dangerously tilted. The hole has now been filled in and teh shed reinforced. Inside Vera tries to stuff herself in very small places. She has managed to inch her way under the dish closet (less than half a meter from the ground).

The downstairs has now been cleaned and prepared for the birthing. The vets have been called just in case. There is nothing left now, but to wait until the puppies come. Wednesday is the day they are supposed to be born.

Vera last Tuesday

10.11.09 Vera is HUGE nowadays :-) ! At least compared to the others! Her maternal instinct is also kicking in, as she's started to dig outside a place for her to give birth in! Well, at least that's what she has in her mind! Her appetite is still good, though she's started to be a little picky about her food.. Ruuti and Capri haven't reacted any differently to Vera. 
If you are interested in Vera's litter, please don't hesitate to contact us ! Rather too soon than too late :-)!

03.11.09 The new Newfoundland book (in finnish) will be out in December 2009!
             Completely renewed, some pages in coulour.
             Orders from: marika.mantyla@fai.fi (or Bettina Salmelin bettinasalmelin@hotmail.com for orders abroad)
             Price: 30€/1 book, 50€/2 books, or 100€/6 books. Postages within Finland included.
             400 books for sale.

Ruuti is enjoying her time in France, as you can see from the picture

29.10.09 Vera had the ultrasound yesterday and she is going to have puppies in a few weeks. The dogs really did have chemistry as she is expecting 5 (+/-1) puppies. At the time of the ultrasound the puppies were 34.5 days old (calculated from cranium) so they are from the Wednesday mating. They will be born at the end of November. The puppies were thoroughly checked out and the end result was that they were all very healthy, well developed and evenly distributed.

Vera's ultrasound 09- In the picture you can see the puppie's head, jaw and paws

We did have our suspicions that this time it really did take, as Vera had had odd little bouts of nurturing. She would lick Data (the pug) from head to toe and then back again. Data is already used to being her lick toy.

Now we need to make the house ready for the puppies. Our Christmas will be hectic once again.. :D

 Ruuti and Capri are with Bettina in France, and they are enjoying their time. The warm temperatures, regular walks to the Jesus-mountain where there are amazing views and swims in a nearby lake (20mins away) keep the dogs happy.

Ruuti and Capri on France -09, about to play during a walk


04.10.09 This weekend Vera came home. She has now been mated four times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Monday again); so fingers crossed it took. She and Poppe absolutely adored each other, so at least we know that there was chemistry between them :D The ultrasound will be in a few weeks.

Data (the pug) has now been sterilized as well. The sutures look good and she is running around, not minding them at all.

Ruuti's first heat started a few weeks ago. Unfortunately she has now started howling in the middle of the night, wreaking havoc on Bettina's sleeping rhythms :). Hopefully Ruuti will settle down soon.


21.09.2009 Ooph! Now we definitely know NOT to take dogs in heat to any shows. This weekend really did teach us that. Vera gallopped in the ring and would try to sniff every behind she saw.. it looked like she had never ever seen another dog in her life before! How embarrassed were we! Ruuti didn't do too well herself either, but we all agree that she definitely needs much more time to develop!

On our Denmark-Sweden trip, we left Vera in Sweden. She'll be there until the mating is done. Luckily Poppe will know the exact days when Vera's ready! Today Poppe and Vera did their first mating, hopefully the puppies are on their way now.. :-) ! Thank you Monika for taking her in, I bet Vera will end up enjoying her time there so much that she won't want to come back home ;-).


15.09.2009 Capri is now sterilized :-)! It is amazing as she'll never ever have her heat again :-)! The sutures look very nice as it's only a small cut. Capri is healing well and not licking them too much, but we still need to keep an eye on her. In a few days she should be back to normal again.
On Sunday we went to Germany to follow El's (El Oso Pardo von Baywatch) training. It was really nice to go there! All the dogs worked well and El was as amazing as always :-). We got a few new ideas for our next training too. Hopefully Inga and Jan will be able to join our waterwork next spring.

Dad El, mum Capri and their daughter Ruuti after the waterwork trainings

Vera started her heat on Saturday! It is fantastic timing as we'll leave her in Sweden with the male's breeder after next weekend when we go for a show in Denmark. I bet she'll just enjoy herself there being pampered all the time ;-) ! The ultrasound for the puppies is in six weeks!

Last Thursday we went to see Baron at his obedience training. He did very nicely when Baron wanted to ;-). A proper newfie just about getting into his puberty..! Thank you for letting us come, though next time we'll try to be on time (traffic jam!) !

Baron at his obedience class


02.09.2009 Summer has ended and we're back in Brussels. 4 hours from our cottage to the ferry, 12 hours on the ferry and then 22 hours of driving to Brussels!

This summer wasn't just going from show to show as Vera finished her championship in Sweden on our way to Finland (three CAC's from three shows!). ! Vera is now FINNISH and SWEDISH Champion! We got 15 rosettes and 4 trophies just from the six shows! Ruuti was five times first in her class (also in the Finnish Newf Speciality!); four times Best of Breed puppy and only once second in her class. She did well! Capri did come to a few shows too, but only as a spectator since she really likes the attention she gets getting prepared for one :-).

Capri, Vera and Ruuti

The waterwork weekend was also a huge success. We had four training spots for training 3-4 newfs at each, which was just ideal: everyone got to train as much as they wanted and got a lot of personal feedback on their work. A huge thanks goes to Jan and Douglas Counotte for coming to Finland. You who did an amazing job at your training spot all weekend :-) !

The waterwork wonder Al, who has justly become famous from her helicopter pictures is now just 9 months, but passed her lifesaving degree already a month ago :-) ! Now she is allowed to patrol on beaches with her owner. Huge congratulations!! If anyone is going to go drown in Italy, please remember to say hello to Al when she is saving you :-)! During her holiday Al participated at the coast guard demo, which was recorded and shown on the German SAT1 satellite channel. You can watch it at http://www.planetopia.de/archiv/2009/planetopia/08_23/4.html

On her holiday Al also went to the Paganica earthquake site as a therapy dog. They were the first dog patrol to be let on the site since the earthquake. She did an amazing job with the others helping and being hugged by the children. We are extremely proud of you :-) !

Al as a therapy dog

Capri has hugely improved over the summer, a huge thanks has to go to Eini (dog masseuse) who unwinded all the muscle tentions Capri had before we really started training her muscles again. Towards the end of the summer Capri ran more and more (a lot and long 500m distances !) and even started to sleep on her right side :-)! We also started gradually increasing the swimming distances, but because by August the lake was somewhat windy and cold, we only increased the swimming time with Capri and Vera to 13 minutes. It did really good especially for Capri to be swimming longer distances and not only the 25-50m per exercise during the two hours of training we had on Tuesdays.

Capri on a hiking trip

Vera is gradually starting her heat, we'll be mating her with the gorgeous Poppe soon, so if you are interested in possibly getting a puppy from the combination, please don't hesitate to contact us :-) ! Poppe is also a waterwork dog, so we hope to get some gorgeous waterwork newfs from them :-).


Last waterwork training in Belgium before our holidays!

Last waterwork training in Belgium before our holidays!


29.06.2009 Until Thursday and then we will be off for a whole two months in Finland. During that time unfortunately there won't be any updates on our site since our internet connection will be limited to the weekly trips to the library.
Sunday Ruuti and Vera were again in a show, this time in Genk (Belgium): Ruuti was very promising 2nd in puppy class and Vera was Excellent 2nd with RCACIB, RCAC in open class.

The weather has been very warm these days, so we've mostly taken the dogs out late evenings for their walk in Tervuren. During the days we usually have a short training session for everyone or some other type of activities for them. They also get some extra water added to their morning meals to keep them hydrated, and their evening meals usually come straight from the freezer.

Paavo's (Larinkallion Herrasmies) health results were done and finally we got the results. Unfortunately the hipscore was E/E, but since his movements are still very very good, he's still as active as before and as long as keeps up his good condition, it definitely is not a death sentence for him ;-) ! Good muscle condition throughout the year is now even more important, especially as he gets older, than before. But knowing Paavo and his movements, nothing to worry about!


24.06.2009 Again, I get to be the lucky one to drool after Al :-) ! She had a long civil protection lessons weekend with Donatella in Salò, but she did well, as usual :-). From last weekened in Lecco (at an even for children), a German news program did a small piece of the group for the news, there is a short clip of Al also next to Arca-newfoundland puppy.

Al jumping from a boat!


22.06.2009 Sunday Baron, Ruuti and Data entered their first show with excellent results: Baron BOB-puppy (got selected in the top five in the big ring!) , Ruuti BOS-puppy, Data BOB-puppy and Vera BOB (got selected in the big ring, but didn't place) ! Wow :-) !
Bram handled Baron excellently, he did it amlost as well as a professional would have :-).
Show pictures    Pictures from Baron's grooming

Annina, Virva-Riitta, Bram with the dogs Vera, Data, Ruuti and Baron

Baron and Ruuti at the show

Vera at the show

17.06.2009 Yesterday we made another batch of veggie glop for the dogs. Of course Ruuti wanted to "help" and stole a whole cucumber which she happily ate in the bushes..! Yummy..! She's always known how to provide for herself. Just last week she ate three breadloaves, Capri's pillbox (luckily just the box and not the pills!) and an amount x of pens and newspapers which just happened to be at the edge of the table just waiting for her to chew them (she only chews, doesn't swallow).. No wonder we nowadays think it's normal to store the morning porridge in the oven and breadloves in the microwave.. So far she doesn't know (yet?) how to open any doors, hopefully it'll stay that way ;-) ! Later that evening we went to show training with both Ruuti and Data, it went surprisingly well, considering that it was their second time. Preparing for the weekend show..

Today we finally announced our plans with Vera. We will try for a litter from her next heat with the gorgeous Poppe (Cle Bas Popeye) from Sweden. We went to visit him a few years ago and his stunning movements and gorgeous character were why we still remembered him :-). We'll visit him again on our way to Finland before Vera's heat starts. Vera's litter sould time about roughly the same as Capri's last year.


14.06.2009 Al is incredible, quoting her owners words. On Thursday she descended from a helicopter from a height of 90 meters by a wire and was calm in the cabin when the helicopter took off, during the flight and during the descent! Amazing girl she is :-)!

Al in the cabin - After the descent on the field

Vera was really pretty this weekend after a well needed wash (thursday last week she and Capri had found some rotten fish!) In Paris at the French winner show she got excellent and was selected among the 6 best, but did not place in the top four. There were 13 newfs just in her class! Capri and Ruuti were at waterwork with us, they both did fairly well, even though Capri seemend to have left her ears at home!

11.06.2009 A lot has happened since the last updates. Capri is hugely better after her accident :-) Vera is finally calming down and starting to behave like an adult..! And Ruuti is HUGE. She's still leg and a lot more leg, but her withers are about the same as for Capri and Vera!

Al is doing well in Italy :-). She's started her helicopter training and doing really really great. She's also doing a lot of swimming (jumps to the water, fetches things and saves people) and getting used to new situations. She's got the best character and is always so happy and great with new people and dogs :-). Al also went to get his preliminary hip and elbow results with excellent results: hips A-B and elbows 0-1 ! Very well done, we'll hear more from her when she's got enough age to get her official x-rays. Al's photogallery

Al on a helicopter flight in May 2009

Baron is also doing great; he started waterwork today and is doing fantastic! Also in obedience he got his certificate and advanced from puppy to A class and then in just 4 weeks from A to B class! Congratulations :-) !! Baron's photogallery

Today we had our dog schools final obedience test before summer. In the puppy class Ruuti was 1st and Data 4th, Capri and Vera were both in the PROclass and they did well too. Capri 2nd and Vera 3rd, not bad! :-) I will make a write-up of the event later.

Ruuti winner of the puppyclass!

Vera 3rd in the most difficult class; Capri 2nd in the most difficult class


17.05.2009 HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY LARINKALLION H - litter: Paavo, Vera, Lotta, Paavo, Justus and Bamse!

16.04.2009 We had a nice holiday in France and Capri is doing much much better now too :-). Even the vet was today surprised at how much better she is and at how much she uses her leg already. We're starting hydrotherapy tomorrow, so she'll develop better muscles hopefully soon too. But all in all, we're really glad at how well she's doing now :-). She hasn't been with us on long walks yet of course, but she does walk around the block with us and is a lot in the garden with Ruuti when it doesn't rain.

Vera and Ruuti in France


04.04.2009 Capri is  lot better now, we stopped giving the heavy painkillers on Tuesday, stopped altogether on the other pills a few days ago and Capri doesn't seem to be needing them anymore. Of course we will constantly look at her condition to see when she needs them again. She doesn't mind her leg as much as before, she walks with it fairly well (of course still limping), but she does put a little weight on it always. She doesn't yelp anymore when she gets up/goes down either, which is huge progress :. She's also "joined the family" again and sits in the kitchen drooling after our cooking hoping to get any tidbits and also in the garden looking at us when we do gardenwork.

Vera went to a show in Antwerp today and she won her class and then all the females (she was best of opposite sex with CAC and CACIB). This adds another country to the long list; she's now got seven CAC from six different countries! This was also her first CACIB she got (because Capri wasn't at the show to take it from in front of her this time ;-) )!

Baron and Vera

We went to see Baron today after the show, he's grown a lot since we last saw him. He really likes it at his new home, though I still think he remembered us when we came. Ruuti and Baron had a good play together and now Ruuti is finally quietly sleeping.. Baron is clearly very masculin and reminds me a lot of his father El. He's around the same height as Ruuti now, but got around 5kg more than her, which is normal for a male (he is 30kg, Ruuti 25kg). We'll post more pictures of him after we come back from our (hopefully relaxing) holiday in France.  [added: Pictures of the puppymeet ]

Baron and Ruuti playing rough :-D

Al is also doing great, she has started waterwork in the swimming pools for now (waters too cold to start in) and is swimming like a pro! Al keeps her back up from the water and swims with good drive. She's not afraid of the splashes and jumps into the water without hesitating at all! Well done Al, she sounds just like Capri (and Vera) :-) !

Al and Donatella training in the swimming pool


28.03.2009 A lot has happened in these few months: Capri passed Level 1 and 2 draught tests in England, she also passed Good Canine Citizen Bronze and Silver Levels.

Donatella started the REAL waterwork with Al (K. Multimedia) and the helicopter in Italy ( http://www.canisalvataggio.it/ ). I really do envy them, sincethey are doing such a great job, I just wish we could do at least half of what they do! Al is definitely back to the work  newfoundlands should be!

Al in the helicopter

Also Baron and Ruuti have grown a lot (pictures later).

Very unfortunately Vera was empty from the mating with Balto. We went to a specialist afterwards to check if the problems was her: she seemed all fine (bloodwork, hormones, thyroid and general checkup fine). That's good to know, but still very disappointing that the mating didn't take. We don't have any further definite plans for her, we'll wait until summer to decide for sure. If you are interested in our initial plans, don't hesitate to contact us. Her next heat should start August-September.

Capri has now had surgery and is doing as well as she can in her condition. On Monday on her evening walk her right hip dislocated as we were walking past another dog (she turned normally and didn't even manage to tugg the lead before she was down). We were as surprised as our vet that it happened, but luckily we were in front of a church and we were able to get a ride to the nearest vet around 45min away. On Tuesday they tuggled the hip (i.e. tightened it with an artificial ligament to keep the hip in its socket), unfortunately it did not work and by Thursday morning it had dislocated again. We managed to get an operation for her for Thursday noon and the vet removed the femoral head so that it could not dislocate again. Capri has been a real soldier during all this even though it must have been very painful for her!
We took Capri back home Friday evening, she did well in the car and on the ferry. The first night home was uncomfortable until we moved the duvets in front of the door. That's where she wanted to sleep! Since then she has been mostly sleeping.

Our vet examined her today after the journey, and she seems to be reasonably well. Getting up and going down is understandably still painful, but she walks in a straight line fairly well and doesn't seem to be in pain when she is lying or sleeping. She started snoring this afternoon for the first time since Monday, hopefully that is an idicator that she isn't in too much pain. We have to do a lot of physiotherapy with her when she is doing a bit better. I will write a fuller report with pictures on the website eventually, but for now we are just focusing on getting Capri better soon!


07.02.2009 Vera's heat started almost a month ago, she was mated at the end of January with the beautiful Balto. We're going to the ultrasound at the end of February; hopefully she'll be pregnant!

The pups are doing great, Baron's already in his new home and Al will be leaving soon too :-). Capri will be heading to England this weekend, so it'll be just Vera and Ruuti at home.. We plan on going to a draught event in February with Capri.. hopefully she'll do well.. if not, it'll be good practice for her!

Ruuti and Al in the metro at 11 weeks

07.01.2009 New snowpics again. The snow is still on the ground! There are also a few new pictures of Data the pug. No heat on Vera yet..


Al, Baron, Ruuti playing in the snow at 45 days


05.01.2009 It SNOWED a lot today and it all stayed on the ground! Amazing; The pups had a lot of fun outside in the snow. They wouldn't have wanted to come back in again - unfortunately for them we had to take them back in when our fingers started to freeze!

Baron, Al and Ruuti in the snow at 43 days

03.01.2009 New year passed and no-one even noticed the fireworks. That's great! The pups, now six weeks, got thier worm medcine again today, just to make sure they didn't have them (though we haven't noticed any in their stools). They are also spending more and more time outside. We try to take them at least twice a day outside after thier meals, so that they would be more easy to housetrain afterwards. It's much easier later on, if we start it now. They are very active outside and everyone is very curious. They do go some distance from each other, sniff around and then come back to check everyone else is still there. :-) They are also starting to come pretty well to us when called. That is when we have their food on a plate! :-)

The pups have realised that there is a waterbowl in their puppypen. We have to fill it almost every hour, because either they've been sitting in it, have turned it upside down, or just have played and splattered all the water on the floor! Al is always the one sleeping behind it in the corner, one ear in the bowl. Ruuti prefers to use it as a chair, and Baron keeps tipping it over with his big paws..

Capri is doing really well with the pups, she has started to wean them and nowadays doesn't breatfeed them much anymore. She likes to take her food to the pups and let them chew on it first for a while before she eats it up. She also likes to take naps in the puppypen with the pups.

Vera is also doing well with the pups, she lets them be in their puppypen in our livingroom and doesn't really mind them in any way. :-)



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