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(Remember to book a place BEFORE sending in the entry form and payment)

ENTRY FORM for 2012 Grooming day 14th June, Oregon City, OR
Location: 13940 La Rae Road, Oregon City OR 97045


Please select one of the options:

I will/will not bring a Newfoundland to the grooming workshop.
(note: maximum one dog per person. You must wash and dry your dog thoroughly before the day.
You must bring your own current grooming tool set so that we can go through how to use your tools)

Dog’s name and date of birth: _________________________________

I am looking to learn how to groom for show / home / both home & show.

I have no / some / a lot of experience of grooming Newfoundlands.

I am especially interested in learning about: __________________________ (optional field)


Participant contact information:

Name: __________________________



Phone number:____________________

Preferred contact method: email / phone / post


 Paypal to email address: s1105549@sms.ed.ac.uk
$30/dog or $20/spectator without dog
Note: one dog entry allows for participation of other family members as spectators

Note: no entries will be accepted until full payment, no refunds unless cancellation due to unexpected circumstances.

Please return the filled entry form to: bettinasalmelin@hotmail.com


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