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International Waterwork Meeting 2010 - at Dienville (France)

Rest of the tons and tons of picture: http://watercubs.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Events%20%20Tapahtumat/Dienville%202010%20(waterwork)/ 


We had a fantastic time over the weekend! It was amazing, and I wonder why we haven't participated before. Next year though we have promised to make our own routine and demos, so that we can participate with the dogs too.

A few of the dogs at the event:


We were actually very full of energy on Monday when we left. Of course a little tired, but not as much as we would have been had we been at a two-day-dogshow. Everyone was very nice, and we didn't have to concentrate and keep our minds focused all the time. We were able to relax and just enjoy, and just watch the newfies and get new training ideas. 

Saturday's program was meant to be obedience on ground, which was more of “fun teamwork” rather than heelwork obedience, on Sunday everyone hit the waters. Monday was the closing ceremony.

The most impressive and fun obedience routine for me was the group with the Lucky Luke routine, the Indians and the bank robbers. They had a fun clear theme and a more speedy routine than the others. The Bretagne(?) Newfies were also very well handled and extremely well trained (even though they just showed their Sunday training routine).

Al's group's land routine

Al's group's routine was very impressive too! It looked like you had been in military training with everyone moving at the exact same pace ;-). Though it did seem like they had timed everything. Like when they came into the parking lot with the cars; one after the other exactly after the same interval and at the 
same speed ; and when they were at the Sunday's dinner getting the gifts, they all lined up in order and went to shake hands one after the other at the same interval again. Very impressive !! 

We got to do a lot of shopping and enjoy looking at other newfies on Saturday. 

Sunday was much more interesting. Even though the exercises were mostly very basic, we got some good ideas on what to do, and how to use some parts of the things they do to make the basic exercises much more interesting. 

For example one of the fun bits that Al's group did was putting on the fins when going to save a victim; it's a very small but fun detail.

And saving the injured newfie: an exercise I “have done” with Capri, but not really thought to do with the others. And using a pooldivider to gather 
the victims; never seen that used before, but “impressive looking” and good to learn how to do! Fun!

Al's group's waterwork demo was definitely the best one! It was a real pity that most of the people had already left and didn't see it (it was the last group to show). It was very nice to see many dogs working in the water at the same time (without disturbing each other) and doing more “real” innovative exercises rather than just the basics. The exercises weren't just the same, 
and there were more than just one dog in the water. AND the dogs were under control on the beach rather than tied onto the poles. A very small but important detail!

Al in the boat

It was fabulous to see so many newfies there; and ALL swimming newfies. Scout (Vera's black puppy) actually did her first swim there, and also her first retrieves from the water! Though it was a very hot weekend and I'm not surprised she wanted to cool off in the water! 

Scout on her first swim

Al was fabulous; she has a very sweet and loving character. I can swear (now looking back through the photos) that she looks at the camera in almost every shot on their land routine ! She really seemed to remember us, which felt amazing. She was very well under your control and she really did enjoy 
working with Donatella. 

Al doing one of her exercises: saving a victim with Donatella and then being “pulled back” (aided) by the rope.

I was extremely proud of her when she did not let go of the rope in the exercise. She looked GORGEOUS when she came out of the water ! 

The family portraits:

Ruuti, Vera, Capri, Al and Scout

Sisters Ruuti and Al

Capri with her daughters Ruuti and Al

Scout with mum Vera



(c) Salmelin