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Famous Newfoundland owners throughout the ages:

George Washington

Ben Frankling

Robert F. Kennedy

Bing Crosby

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Harrison Ford


Shania Twain

Samuel Adams

Lord Byron

Charles Dickens

Donald Southerland

Boomer Esiason

Victor Borge

John Madden

Paul Winter


Andrew & Jamie Wyeth

Jerry Garcia

Emily Dickinson

Clark Gillies

Mario Lemiex

King Edward VII

Queen Victoria

King Hassan II of Morocco

Sir Henry Irving

Don Imus

Mel Carnahan

Troy Aikman

Michael McKean

Prime Minister of Jamaica

Colleen Willians

Sir Walter Scott

Robert Burns

Richard Wagner

Karen Killilea

Gerry Boyle

Sally Struthers

Burt Bacharach

Carol Bayer Sager

George McGovern

Ulysses S. Grant

James Buchanan

JM Barrie (Nana)

Warren Harding

Dave Brubeck

Willie Nelson

Pau Revere

Ali McCraw

Elisabet Rehn


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