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Making the vegetable mash:


You know it is autumn when we prepare a lot of vegetable mash for the upcoming winter. This time we made about 70l in just one day.

You cannot make such a large amounts without good and sturdy equipment. We use Fiskarss scissors (e.g. to chop the lettuce), a grater (for carrots) and a large knife for chopping the fruits. We use the same kind of large puree mixer they use in restaurants. We started with a small one for babyfoods, but it was not effective enough to make such large quantities of mash.


Capri helped us by eating some of the cucumbers straight from the bucket. At least we do not have to mix them anymore :-).

In this picture there are most of the fruits that we used: apples, nectarines, oranges, bananas, pears, plums and peaches. We also added a few pineapples, which did not fit in the picture.


This is most of what we used (so you can see better the amounts):

2,5 kg of frozen berries (lingonberries, blueberries, raspberries)                                                      3kg peaches                                     

a bag of nectarines, 5 kg of pears, 5 kg of red apples


two melons (without seeds), a few kilos of peaches

a few kilos of oranges, three bunches of bananas (in the last picture, the peaches not yet mashed)

5kg of green apples, two pineapples 


And then the vegetables:


In this picture you can see HALF of the vegetables that we used, the rest could not fit into the picture.

three bunches of carrots, the cucumber chopped

4kg of cucumbers, 10kg of cabbage


two lettuces


two large cabbages, 5kg brusselsprouts


Vera could not understand the joy of eating carrots


We can survive easily with this much mash until the next spring. Normally we give the Newfoundlands about 2dl of mash per day. .




(c) Salmelin