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Nail clipping:

Dog’s nails should be clipped frequently, so that they do not grow too long. If you can hear a tapping sound when the dog walks, they are too long. Long nails make it difficult for the dog to walk and stretch the dog’s limbs into unnatural positions.

Inside the nails, there is a core/root where the veins and nerves are. Avoid cutting this, as it would be very painful for the dog. If you accidentally cut the core, the result is always bloody. The blood flow will stop eventually, though it usually takes quite a while. You can put some disinfectant on it and hold the nail tight in your grip until it stops bleeding.

The nails must always be cut using special scissors designed to cut them. Remember to buy them strong nail clippers as Newfoundlands have strong nails.

The nails must always be cut in a slight angle, when looking from the bottom, along the dogs paws. It is especially important to keep the dew claws short (“thumbs on front feet”), because they can easily be torn if too long.


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