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Trimming to a 'home-look':

We cut our dog's coats to very short-haired trim when they are about to have their heats or when it is very muddy outside. It is much more hygenic and as they do not have shows they need to go to, there is no point in keeping them in show-trim. We never shave them, as the coat protects from the sun's rays and mosquitoes.

For comparison purposes:

                            Capri at Visby show                                                      Capri a week later, coat cut much shorter

We cut with normal scissors, because we don't have to worry about cutting too much or leaving it untidy. As a hint for first time cutters: cut all the unnecessary coat away, the bits that always tend to be the muddy ones. You'll learn better from mistakes, so don't worry about cutting too much: it'll always grow back.

For a guide, you can use the normal trimming guides, just cut a lot more away than you would for shows.

Vera in show trim and in her much shorter home trim. Notice the cut is the same, but in the home trim the fur is much shorter.





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