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Larinkallion H - litter (17.05.2005)

A little about the sire: SLO CH Ursinus Velutus Vaya con Dios "Eros" (b. 24.05.2002)
ED 0
custinuria: carrier
heart: normal 


A little about the dam: CIB, FI, SE, EUVV-11, Official Belgian K9 Lifeguard Larinkallion Brysselinblicca

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Ursinus Velutus Vaya Con Dios
A 0
heart: healthy
cystinuria: carrier
Pouch Cove's Just For Skipper'sMidnight Lady's Especially For You
Pouch Cove's Antares Arbitrage
Main Tickle Frankli SpeakingTwillin Gate Persuader
Pow Wow's First Date of Skimeister
Larinkallion Brysselinblicca

D/D 0/0
heart: healthy
cystinuria: free

Gasparo vom Kaninchenberg
Cayuga Ikemarshallofbonaventura
Yuma vom Riesrand 

Larinkallion Gateudengohde
Egebaek's Indiana Jones
Larinkallion Geminorum Luna


official name "call name"testiclescystinuriahearthipselbowskneesotherworking and show results
L. Halinalle "Lotta"n/afree auscultation healthyE/E0/1passed away at 7 years and 5 monthsPassed away at 7 years and 5 months, October 2012
FI, SE, EE CH, Official Belgian K9 Lifeguard
L. Huomiongohde "Vera"
n/afreedoppler healthyD/D0/0sterilizedcanine good citizen: bronze
waterwork: BE level 1, UK level A & B, DE level 1,
helicopter rescue, rescue from sinking car,
Official Belgian K9 Lifeguard
draft: UK level 1
obedience: FI level 1
shows: CAC (FI, SE, LUX, FR, ESP, BE, EE, CH), CACIB (BE, SE, EE)
Euthanized due to oral melanoma 29.08.2017
L. Henkivartija "Paavo"yesfree auscultation healthyE/E1/1entropium (operated), bloat (recovered)shows: EXC 1, BM 1, RCAC (FI)
Euthanasia 1.7.2015
L. Herrasmies "Paavo"yesfree auscultation healthyE/Eshows: NF speciality EXC, BM 3, RCAC (FI)
Euthanasia June 2016
L. Hurmuripoika "Justus"yesfree auscultation healthy
L. Hännänhuippu "Bamse"yesfree auscultation healthyallergy to processed food, elbow operated 04/2010shows: NF speciality EXC 5 (FI)

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- Kivisilmän N-litter (CIB, FIN, SE, DK, NO CH Cle Bas Popeye x FI, SE, EE CH, Official Belgian K9 Lifeguard Larinkallion Huomiongohde)

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