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Kivisilmän N - litter (26.11.2009)

A little about the sire:  CIB, FI, SE, DK, NO CH Cle Bas Popeye

Black (Bb)
ED 0


A little about the dam:  FI, SE, EE CH, Official Belgian K9 Lifeguard Larinkallion Huomiongohde

ED 0

cystinuria free
heart: doppler healthy


official name "call name"colour and sexhealth resultsworking and show results
K. Nastarenkaat "Murky"black maleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free, hips: unoffical B/C,
elbows: unoffical ok, sensitive skin, castrated, cruciate ligament disease operated bilaterally in 2016
K. Nopeusrajoitus "Vuori"black maleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free, castrated
K. Nostokurki "Orka"black maleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free, elbows: normal, cystinuria: free, depigmentation of muzzleservice dog, canine good citizen
K. Navigaattori "Scout"black femaleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free, hips: C/C, elbows: 0/2, panosteitis, spayedwaterwork: level 1 & 2 (BE), level 1 (DE),
obedience: BE socialization test & level 1
K. Neliveto "Joki"brown femaleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free, hips: unofficial good, elbow operated, panosteitis, spayedwaterwork: level 1, 2 & 3 (BE),
club waterwork champion 2011, 2nd place 2010,
obedience: BE socialization test & level 1
Euthanasia due to liver tumour July 2017
K. Nestekaasu "Cooper"black femaleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free
K. Nokkakolari "Maggie"brown femaleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free
K. Nollatoleranssi "Tenly"brown femaleheart: auscultation healthy, cystinuria: free, hips prelim: good, elbows prelim: normal, patella: normal

Outcome & Analysis:

The puppies' outside appearance was excellent and this combination had produced the type of Newfoundlands that we want to breed. Each of the puppies in this litter had strong bone and clear male/female structure. When looking at the dog, you know instantly if they are male or female. The dogs are structurally balanced and have good angulation in front and back. Scout, the girl we had picked as our co-owned bitch, was exactly the type of dog that we want as a working dog. 

Their working potential was also excellent and many of the puppies actively participate in obedience and waterwork, with Orka being the perfect service dog. The temperament of each puppy has been excellent and we achieved what we wished in terms of type and behaviour. The puppies were, and still are, calm when inside but active when working outside. The dogs are inquisitive, people and dog friendly, and love their families.

However while the litter did not have any major health issues across the board, many of the puppies had things that we do not want in our lines, such as vitiligo, sensitive skin, elbows that were not clear and panosteitis. To date, no doctor has been able to identify the reason for Orka's vitiligo. As the root cause has not been identified, this appearance of de-pigmentation is still a question mark to us. While panosteitis (growing pains) are not anything the puppies will not grow out of, the worry put on the owners during this time and the pain the puppy has because it is growing too fast, is not something that we want in our litters. Murky's senstive skin also caused some concern as a waterwork dog must be able to work in the water and the owners should not have to dry the coat after each swim.

All the puppies are leading healthy and active lives, but the decision not to continue this line was made by the three of us. A breeder is responsible for all the puppies they breed from birth to death. After evaluating the health results, we decided that we could not in good conscious continue this line. If any of the health issues were to be passed onto our future puppies (worst case scenario: in exaggerated form), the stress put on the puppies, owners and us would not be something that we would want to chance.

--> Line Not Continued

(c) Salmelin