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Draught test Level 2
   and Good Canine Citizen Silver at Tawd, spring 2009


Last weekend we spent our time at the Tawd draught tests. Capri passed level 2 on Saturday and Good Canine Citizen Silver on Sunday. We also tried level 3 draught Sunday, but Capri decided the rabbitpoo was much more interesting and tasteful than the treats I had in my hands! She was completely switched off during the obedience, so we did not pass the level. We did however get permission to follow on the haul with Capri. It was very good practice for both of us (especially myself as I always seemed to be in the wrong place trying to guide her through the obstacles!)

The Lancashire Rescue Bears flag (the organizers)


Capri doing her heelwork

Capri doing the manouvering course.

Capri doing the haul. It was very nice that we were allowed to help the dog as much as we could with the haul. We were also given the opportunity to unhitch the dog if the obstacles looked too difficult.

The level 4 dogs crossing the river (dogs were unhitched and given some time to rest in the river).

Level 4 crossing a bridge:


Capri got to participate in the haul (around 2 miles with 15kg for half of it). It was clearly more demanding especially for the owner as we were supposed to figure the best way to pass the obstacles (bridges, large holes, rivers, sticks and fallen trees, bushes etc.. )

Going through a gate

At first I thought it was just a joke to go up that hill! We got help for the steward Chris, who helped us keep the load steady uphill. It was so steep that I was slower than the dog going up!! We still had the weights on.

Winnie (a blind newf) was amazing: she passed level three and trusted her owner completely! She listened and didn't hesitate at all!

Winnie and Capri

Level 3

We were positively surprised at how difficult and demanding the level really were . It was more of a manouvering and technical course rather than just a haul. It was really good to have seen and participated in it!

Rest of the pictures can be found in the link:


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