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Kivisilmän V - litter (17.04.2014)

A little about the sire: Elboy du Domaine de Flambeau "Elboy"
(b. 14.09.2009)
[FR CH, FR Club CH Tennessee-Newfy du Pas de Mer - Zoraya bär von der Ortenau]

HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, heart healthy, cystinuria free

Elboy is a very active, smoothly moving, bouncy, extremely friendly, gorgeous, massive, strong boned, eager boy. Elboy has been shown only a little, but he has always, without exceptions placed well. He is a dog that you just cannot not fall in love with. He is a strong dog in every sense of the word, without being "too much" in anyway. More importantly than the shows, he has also been worked with. He is eager to work especially in the water and has successfully passed the French 1st working degree, aiming to perhaps succeed in the 2nd degree this upcoming summer. He is only three years, allowing for much more achievements in the future for such a promising boy. By choosing Elboy, we are carefully outcrossing, with an ancestor loss coefficient of 0% with 4 generations (counting 1st generation as the parents; Elboy and Merita).


A little about the dam: EE CH & LUX J CH Kivisilmän Rutikuiva "Merita"
(b. 03.06.2011)
[AM CAN CH, ROM Wee Lovett's Island of Manitou - LUX CH Kivisilmän Monitoimikone]

HD: D/D, ED: 0/0, heart healthy, cystinuria *

*Merita has been cystinuria tested, but we have not received the results yet. The test result will not influence the breeding due to the stud (Elboy) being cystinuria free. Due to the inheritance pattern, all the puppies will be cystinuria healthy, regardless of Merita's result.

Merita is one of our own girls, born two years ago to Ruuti and Manitou. Merita is temperamentally highly energetic and extremely social. This combination makes her an extremely pleasant working dog; always ready to work and please for attention. She is persistent and has a lot of stamina when it comes to working in the water and on land. Merita has successfully passed the German and UK waterwork level A & B, UK Achievers Water 1 & 2, UK obedience levels 1 and 2 and UK draft level beginners. She has not been shown much yet (due to living with Bettina in the UK), but she has become Luxembourg Junior Champion, and she has done overall well in shows.


Pedigree of the V-litter:

Kivisilmän V - litter

Elboy du Domaine de Flambeau "Elboy"
DOB: 14.09.2009
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0
Heart: healthy
Cystinuria: free

FR CH Tennessee Newfy du Pas de Mer
HD: A/A, heart healthy

Newf Mermaid Victor
HD: B/B, ED: free, OCD: free, Heart healthy

Oze de Child of Brice
HD: B/B, Heart healthy

Zoraya bar von der ortenau
B/B, 0/0, heart healthy

Rocky Billie vom Elsterufer
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Heart healthy

Xena bar bar von der ortenau
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0

LUX J CH Kivisilmän Rutikuiva "Merita"
DOB: 03.06.2011
HD: D/D, ED: 0/0
heart: healthy (doppler and ECG)

AM, CAN CH, ROM Wee Lovett's Island of Manitou
DOB: 29.1.1984
HD: good

AM CH, ROM Roosevelt of Thunderbay HD: normal

VN, AM CH, AM CD, WRD, TDD Spindrifts Wee Lovett Alcor

LUX CH Kivisilman Monitoimikone "Ruuti"
DOB: 23.11.2008
HD: B/B, ED: 0/0
heart clear (doppler and ECG)
cystinuria free

El Oso Pardo von Baywatch
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, heart clear

C.I.B., FI, SE CH, EUVV-11
Larinkallion Brysselinblicca "Capri"
D/D 0/0 heart: healthy, cyst: free


official name "call name"testiclescystinuriahearthipselbowskneesotherworking and show results
K. Valashai "Brook"yesdoppler healthymoderatenormalmould allergiesservice dog
K. Valtameri "Jona"yesdoppler healthy
K. Vastakaiku "Haka"yesauscultation healthy
K. Vesimittari "Vini"yesauscultation healthy
K. Vetehinen "Finny"yesdoppler healthygoodnormalcastratedCanine Good Citizen
Rally Novice
Beginners Novice obedience
Water Dog title
NCA Speciality 2017 4th novice dogs
K. Virtahepo "Sisu"yesdoppler healthyelbow anomaly,
euthanized at 4 months
K. Vellamo "Kimber"n/adoppler healthyCanine good citizen
Rally Novice
American Show Champion
K. Visentti "Morgan"yesauscultation healthygoodnormalpanosteitis (resolved)
Frozen semen available
K. Vesihiisi "Maia"n/aauscultation healthyoccasional hindlimb ataxia (unknown cause, resolved)
K. Villivarsa "Aqua"n/aauscultation healthymoderate (unofficial result)normal (unofficial result)
K. Vompatti "Thelma"n/aauscultation healthy (10/15)B/B0/0bilateral cruciate ligament disease operated 2016Tracking course 1, Estonian water level A
Show CAC

Blood samples have been sent for research (Koirangeenit).

Outcome and Analysis:  to be written once we have more information about how this litter has grown up.

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